Our Questionnaire

Here at Zion we are focused on God's plan: The Salvation of the lost. On this page, you will find some of life's most probing questions about Heaven, Hell, GOD and Christianity. If you find yourself having difficulty with any of our questions below we strongly encourage you to contact us. We also invite you to worship and study with us so that we may grow together in grace, and in the knowledge of our LORD and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

  • What congregation are you a part of?

    If you have a church home, that's wonderful! We envite you to worship and study with us from time to time, and if you do not belong to a specific congregation, Zion will be your home, and Pastor Stewart will be your Pastor!

  • Are you a Christian?

    A Christian is a person in Whom the Holy Spirit abides, Whose attitude and behavior are consistent with the behaviors and teachings of Jesus Christ. Through the regeneration of The Holy Spirit, the Christian is born from above and maintains a relationship with GOD, and humans through a life of love and service.

  • Are you saved?

    You know your race, birthplace, birthdate, and many other important facts about yourself, but do you know the answer to this very important question?

  • How do you know you're saved?

    You know that certain things are true because you've either seen, or experienced them. However, when it comes to your salvation, an innate, intangible state of being, how do you know for a fact that you are saved?

  • How were you saved?

    Everyone that was was ever born has/had a mother. Likewise, if you are saved (born again) there had to have been a process for that too. How were you saved?

  • When were you saved?

    Remember that very special moment? When were you saved?

  • If you were to die today, do you know where you would go?

    Of course many of our families would opt for traditional services and a proper burial, but if you were to die today, where would your be for eternity?