Our 2019 Theme:

"What Shall I Render unto The Lord for All His Benefits Towards Me

Submitted by Pastor Stewart



As we approach and begin a New Year, we are convinced that decisions have been made and there are many more that have to be made. After looking back over the past and considering how good God has been, we must question ourselves, What Shall I Render unto the Lord?

It is not possible for us to remember all the good things He has done for us over the past, for there have been many. There have been some sad times also, but nothing can get to us until it comes by God first. Our good time has been encouraging but His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses. When we check His record, we see, “everything that He has promised all is on its way”, that’s really why we should love Him more each day. For His Protection, Love, Direction, Prosperity and Blessings all of which without Him, would be nothing at all. “For without Him we could do nothing.”


What Shall I Render unto The Lord is a personal, self-examining question. You don’t know like I know what He’s done for me; but what have I done in His service, or what have I allowed Him to do thru me about His “One Item Agenda” so the question: “IF” I could do for God what He does for me, would I be satisfied with my return to Him; In other words, are you satisfied with what you render to Him for all His benefits toward you?

Many times God has protected His people from other nations and themselves. He always kept His word for the Love of His People. His kindness was for their love: the opening of the seas, the protection in fire, the nature of lions, bread from heaven, opening of blinded eyes, stilling the tempest and many other miracles. What was done was for the love of His people. God is Love, and all of His creation responds to it (Love).

As we consider what we want Him to do for us, let us never forget, “There was a Great Commandment, before there was a Great Commission.” God be with us as we give Him our best.


Service Because of Calvary,


Pastor George O. Stewart


 "What Shall I Render unto The Lord for All His Benefits Towards Me?"

Psalms 116:12